To understand that acting and entertainment, especially in Film and TV, is a business will make the difference in between being a happy amateur actor and a well-paid professional


AGENT + MANAGER – how do I get represented by one? Do I need both? What’s the difference and how does this work on an international level?

GLOBAL ARTIST – how do I reach out to be considered for acting jobs all over the globe? Do I have to live in a major market, like a capital or Hollywood? What does it mean to ”go on tape” and how can I make the most of such opportunites?

HEADSHOT + DEMO REEL – your most important tools in reaching out for work and professional representation. What is a good headshot? How many different picture ”types” do I need? What’s the best length for a reel? And what do people in casting usually look for (specifically, other than ”great acting”)?

THE ENTERTAINMENT PYRAMID – what, for instance, does a Producer actually do on a Film and TV project? Who do I need to know? Who has the power to hire me as an actor (aka ”why you shouldn’t only focus on directors”)?

NETWORKING / CONTACTS – what is actual ”networking” and making new, professional associations? How can you turn the process into something fun, rather than a chore or something that feels contrived and possibly even disingenious?

GOING TO HOLLYWOOD – What do I need in order to be able to work and live in the US, is that even possible? What does building a Hollywood career mean in practice and how can I build my presence, resumé and awerness in ”Tinseltown”?

ACTOR INC. – why a little structure and small business owner thinking can put you way ahead of the curve and stand out from the thousands of other actors ”just hoping to win the lottery”.

SETTING REAL GOALS, HOLLYWOOD STYLE – what is the difference between a goal and a general vision? Learn to work with practical, effective goal setting techniques and habits. Rid yourself of stress and confusion by learning to set goals in areas you can influence and control, as opposed to those you can’t.